[:es]Fidel is and will be in every step of people in Santa Cruz del Sur[:]

[:es]The smiling walk of students, the productive sweat of farmers, novelties in workshops and factories, educational strength, pure altruism of health professionals and technicians, soldiers at the first line of combat and exemplary militants become imprint of your tenacity, Commander Chief.

Roots of the Caguairan you are, nourish energies, historical moment, reasons to consciously reaffirm: We are Fidel!

We see you real, bearded, ready to face the hardest battle. You are still presence, speech, comrade, brother, father, unstoppable guide.

In his land that never gives up neither to enemy nor hurricanes, you faced cyclone Cleo, you knew about productive results of shrimp farming and fishing industry; you also spoke to Cándido González people from a modest balcony when the suggar factory fulfilled its productive plan.

You smile, reflect, sail on Granma yacht, climb mountains, go in front of humble people in Cuba, essentially rebellious. That way you are in children drawings, poems and letters of these grateful kids who know the meaning of your name and history without monuments.

You are and will be in daily protagonism of people from Santa Cruz del Sur. Here you have soldiers of duty, prepared to strengthen socialism in the Isle of the unbreakable star. (Translated by Yaima Báez)