[:es]Eternally leader, eternally human and patriot [:]

[:es]Today dawns, a sad anniversary is remembered, the heart beats and feels the dripping of tears symbols of longing for the soldier of ideas, the immortal guide, the efficient man in his work, the dedicated husband, the example father, the friend, the Cuban winner of prizes written with feelings of solidarity, humility, unconditional love and true devotion.

Do you see the child who attends school? That beautiful fact is possible thanks to him.

Do you see the disabled person moving in his wheelchair? That willpower he learned from him.

Do you see man and woman walking free, working enthusiastically and building works of humanity? That sense of responsibility they captured from him.

Do you see the child who plays, smiles, dreams and exclaims with great pride, I AM FIDEL? That unequaled joy beats thanks to him, yes, to Fidel, a leader full of dedication and moral strength.

Each history book treasures its memorable legends in its pages. Each reflection is kept with suspicion and with great care because one by one they represent life lessons.

Photos, anecdotes, testimonies, stand out for these days of homage. Time and time again, his children choose to remember his memorable speech of ‘2014’ in the Cuban capital, to protest against the measures announced by George W Bush at that time the highest representative of the US administration.

He said: “Since you have decided that our fate is cast, I have the pleasure of saying goodbye like the Roman gladiators who were going to fight in the circus: Hail, Cesar, those who are going to die salute you.

“I only regret that I could not even see his face, because in that case you would be thousands of kilometers away, and I will be in the front line to die fighting in defense of my homeland.”

On behalf of the people of Cuba,

Fidel Castro Ruz. ”

(Written by Niurka Rivero Navarro/Translated by Daisel Lozada Fernandez/Radio Guaimaro)[:]