Correa Says Ecuador is Not a Polarized Country

Quito, Jan 2 . -President Rafael Correa said that Ecuador is experiencing a period of institutional consolidation of democracy and denied that the country is completely polarized between supporters and opponents of the government.Those who do not agree with the government are certain media and economic powers, said Correa in an interview with the newspaper El Comercio, and he recalled that before they never spoke of polarization.

Unfortunately certain sectors, he said, including the media, never spoke of polarization of Ecuadorian society when the country experienced moments like the banking crisis of 1999 and 2000 and the emigration of 2 million Ecuadorians.

Before, for them society was not polarized when governments had 15 percent of popular support and 85 percent were against, he noted.

Only now, Correa said, that the government has popular support of 80 percent and 20 percent against, is when they speak of a polarized country.

He said his government is open to a frank exchange of opinions, and highlighted the good relationship between the president and vice president, where before there were always disputes.(Prensa Latina)