Cuban Jurists Slam Violations of US Legal System

Cuban Jurists Slam Violations of US Legal SystemHavana, May 27. -Cuban jurists repudiated violations of United States legal system that continues an arbitrary process against five Cuban anti terrorists jailed in 1998.

Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González, Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino and René González are serving severe sentences for informing of sabotage and attacks against Cuba planned by terrorist groups based in Florida.

We repeat our deep indignation and protest the trumped up trial followed against the Five, as they are known in the international campaign for their liberation.

It is an example of a real violation of the guarantees of a due process set down in the Constitution and procedural process, expressed the president of the Popular Supreme Court of Cuba, Rubén Remgio Ferro during his discourse in the 5th International Meeting of Justice and Right in this capital.

The Five were unjustly condemned for obvious political reasons, the magistrate stated.

The only fault committed – Ferro explained – was to obtain information on the sinister plans of death and destruction hatched by terrorist groups based in Florida. (Prensa Latina)