Mexico Responds to Lawsuit in The Hague

Mexico, Nov 26. -Replying to the lawsuit that activists brought against Mexican President Felipe Calderon before the International Criminal Court in The Hague, the federal government denied the existence of a warlike situation in the country and a generalized or systematic attack against the civil population.

There is no policy in the country that might lead to commit crimes against humanity, the Mexican Ministry of Interior said in a release. The official note responds to the lawsuit brought Friday in The Hague against the Mexican president, the army, and drug trafficking ringleaders by a group of lawyers, academicians, and social activists.

According to the Mexican Ministry of Interior, the security policy implemented in the last six years by no means constitutes an international crime, the release stressed.

The government's security strategy is intended to end with criminal organizations and protect all the citizens, the text sustains. (Prensa Latina)