Syria Continues Work on a New Constitution and Party

Damascus, Dec 28. -The Syrian Constitutional Committee resumed on Wednesday its debates on the drafting of the new constitution, concentrating on those sections referring to the executive and judicial powers, informed today the national press.Quoted by the news agency SANA, the spokesman of this panel, Dr. Sam Dala, said that once these sections are analyzed and drafted, they will complete the draft of the Constitution as a whole, and after its announcement, they will pass it to the Presidency of the Republic.

The drafting of a Constitution is part of the comprehensive reforms undertaken by president Bashar al-Assad, in response to requests from people to establish new democratic structures.

As part of that program, meetings were held in all provinces of the country, to listen and gather opinions from all sectors of Syrian society.

Among the reforms, some already implemented are the creation of new parties -there have been five new organizations-, conducting elections including one on December 12, and the application of measures to boost the economy, for which an economic forum was held. Also contemplated is a national dialogue with representatives of every area and expression of thought of the Syrian society, including the national opposition. (Prensa Latina)