India: Quake Provisional Death Toll Reaches 58

New Delhi, Sep 19. -The 6.8-magnitude quake that shook a mountainous area located between India and Nepal on Sunday killed nearly 42 and nine people respectively, while other seven died in Tibet.18 Die in India-Nepal Border 6.8 degree Earthquake

In India, the northern state of Sikkim, the epicenter of the quake, was the most affected given that the death toll reached 35 and more than 200 people were injured. These figures may go on a rise in accordance with the new reports coming from remote zones, where communications are cut off.

According to local authorities, dozens of buildings and bridges were totally or partially destroyed. The only road connecting Sikkim with the rest of the Indian states was temporarily blocked due to the landslides.

Reports from Katmandu, capital of Nepal, showed that the quake killed nine, injured more than 100 people causing numerous damages.

The National Seismological Center described this quake as the worst that has hit the Himalayan areas since 1934.

The territory located near the Himalaya has a high seismic level. (Prensa Latina)