Experts Alert Due to Possible Hurricane

Experts Alert Due to Possible HurricaneHavana, Oct 7. -Experts are watching carefully a large area of low pressures located at north of Virgin Islands that can turn into a hurricane in the next few days.

According to the Cuban Meteorological Institute (INSMET) locally heavy rains may fall in virgin Islands, puerto Rico and the Hispaniola.

If that low pressure system develops will turn into tropical depression number 17 of the current hurricane season. In case of reaching the category of tropical storm my be called Nichole or Otto.

The point is that according to many, Nicole already passed, a system that was formed last September 29 in the centere of Cuba.

However Ph.D Jose Rubiera, head of the Forecast Center of INSMET, assures that "it was not formed, nor was any tropical storm on or near Cuba". Which means Nichole never existed.

He explained that nobodyb knows better the weather situation in Cuba than the Cuban metheorologists, who receive information from 68 stations palced in the Cuban territory.

Radars watch everything that happens regarding meteorology. Sat images complement the information received from the radars from an advantageous position in space.

"We can not lose sight of any", Rubiera said according an article published in Cubadebate site. (Prensa Latina)