Warning About Lack of Funds to Control Malaria

Warning About Lack of Funds to Control MalariaWashington, Oct 12. -The struggle against malaria, a disease affecting several millions of people every year, is hamstrung by shortage of funds, highlighted a research paper published by The Lancet magazine.

To develop an adequate strategy of control of the illness there is a need for about 4,900 million dollars this year, but there is a current deficit of 60 percent of the necessary budget, emphasized the investigation developed by British and African Scientists.

Malaria is endemic in 93 countries worldwide, and any reduction of commitments to finance its control will allow the re-appearance of the illness, especially in those nations that have already enjoyed some benefits and protection since 2002, emphasized the writer of the report.

Only 21 of those nations have received enough money to implement effective measures but for the others billions of dollars are needed.

The challenge now is to find more money, ensure that the funds are linked with the capacity of action and pressure to increase efforts in those places where this pathology is endemic, he added.

Malaria is transmitted to a human being through the Anopheles mosquito bite and its symptoms are varied, beginning with fevers, shivers, perspiration and headache. (Prensa Latina)