Cuba: TV Report Refutes Alleged Aggressions against Women

Havana, Sep 8. -A report broadcast by the Cuban TV has denounced the foreign media campaign against Cuba over alleged aggressions of police officers against a group of women, at Palma Soriano municipality, in eastern Santiago de Cuba.Neighbors from the place and footage proved the complete absence of police repression to a demonstration of almost 12 women wearing white, although they were vociferating slogans against the Cuban Revolution, shows the report.

The footage shows the exact moment in which the women were going out to the street without any interference, and, on the contrary, they were protected by the police to prevent any excesses from the local people who were angry at them for they considered these women's actions as part of a destabilizing plan promoted from the United States.

The TV report includes statements from residents in which they denied all versions of the foreign media, which assured that the police had used tear gas and had attacked the women. Residents described this incident as "a provocation".

According to a person interviewed by the TV, police made a cordon to avoid angry people from attacking the women whose real intentions were to clearly cause a public disturbance, confirming the foreign campaign against Cuba.

The report also addresses the list of the so-called "political prisoners" jailed in Cuba, also a falsehood as it even lits the names international soccer players from Chile, and 18th century painters, thus showing it is the product of a rushed invention, the report noted.

The TV report concluded with publishing footage of the chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, Ileana Ros Lehtinen, demanding the reversion of the political system in Cuba by means of force, just like NATO is doing in Libya. (Prensa Latina)