Students from Southern Camaguey pay tribute to Granma´s disembarkation

Lead by the students and teachers of the Camilo Cienfuegos High School, in Santa Cruz del Sur, the symbolic walk recalling the events of December 2nd departed this Friday morning.Contests, knowledge encounters, skills proving and a giant caldosa were part of the vast actions plan developed during this day.

In contact with nature the new pines also fostered the protection of the environment and carried out exploring and camping activities.

Fifty five years after the disembarkation of the Granma Yacht, and in salute to Revolutionary Armed Forces (Far) Day, the best homage of the high school students turned into patriotic reaffirmation, where the pupils recalled the events of that December 2nd. (Katia Rodríguez Pérez/ Radio Santa Cruz)

Caldosa: a typical Cuban soup made with tubers, water, salt, meat, and other ingredients