Cuba Debates U.S. Violations of International Law

Cuba Debates U.S. Violations of International LawHavana, Jun 21. -Lawyers from 11 countries are meeting in this capital on Tuesday to debate the concept of U.S. national security, its violations of international law, and terrorism.

Experts also will debate issues such as the UN Security Council and justice as part of the 5th International Conference of Summer School on Public International Law and the 7th Seminar-Workshop on International Humanitarian Law at the Hotel Nacional.

The chairman of the National Union of Jurists of Cuba, Luis Sola, stated during the opening session that the importance of this event, which runs until June 24, is to elucidate and debate concrete solutions to save humanity.

Cuba is currently going through a process of updating its economic model to improve the socialist system and secure it for future generations.

In this context, the Caribbean nation faces a cruel economic, trade and financial blockade imposed by the United States for the last 50 years, and which is a violation of international law.

On Sunday, in an open intromission in internal affairs, Washington allocated 21 million USD for instability and subversion plans against Cuba, Sola noted.

The rector of the Higher Institute of Foreign Relations, Isabel Allende, said that international law should not be exercised unilaterally or selectively.

Washington seeks to maintain its hegemony at any cost and to achieve that, it led wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, and now it is participating in the aggression against Libya, Allende noted.

She criticized the continuous manipulation of determined concepts in international law, such as the fact that the United States does not consider within its struggle against terrorism the violent actions committed by self-confessed criminal Luis Posada Carriles. (Prensa Latina)