Libya: Living Conditions Deteriorate as NATO Bombings Continue

Libya: Living Conditions Deteriorate as NATO Bombings ContinueTripoli, Jun 6. -NATO intensified its air raids over this capital and other parts of Libya on Monday, further damaging the living conditions of civilians while backing the offensive by anti-government rebels.

NATO warplanes and helicopter gunships fired at buildings in Tripoli where Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi is assumed to live, as well as other armed forces and government facilities.

NATO sources confirmed "sustained and heavy air raids" against "command centers, numerous militay support facilities and an arms depot for antiaircraft artillery" in different areas of the capital.

Locals criticized the restrictions on cooking gas caused by interruptions at many supply stations, while others considered that everyday life had come to a halt as a result of the closing of many businesses in the capital almost a month ago.

The cancellation of classes in universities is also a consequence of NATO aggression. (Prensa Latina)