Double Bombing in Iran Kills 27

Double Bombing in Iran Kills 27Tehran, Jul 17. -At least 27 people died and more than 100 were injured in a double attack in Zahedan city in southeast Iran, and the terrorist group Jundullah claimed responsibility, officials reported Friday.

Iranian security and emergency services authorities said the double bombing occurred Thursday night in the capital of Sistan-Baluchestan province, bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan.

They said the death toll is likely to rise because several of the injured were in seriuos condition, including soldiers and officers of the Revolutionary Guard.

The first attack was carried out by a man wearing women's clothing, at 16:50 GMT Thursday, in front of the city's mosque and behind a police checkpoint, which is why many of the victims were soldiers.

Interior Ministry sources said the second bombing occurred while the victims of the first bombing were being aided.

The Shiite mosque was holding celebrations for the birthday of Iman Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, and a significant date Revolutionary Guard.

The abovementioned Sunni organization claimed responsibility for the terrorist action in an email sent to the Al-Arabiya television channel, and warned of further attacks to avenge the recent execution of two of its leaders.