ECLAC: Book on Socio Economic Status in LatAm

ECLAC: Book on Socio Economic Status in LatAmSantiago de Chile, Jun 11. -A study made by ECLAC in 18 Latin American countries asks if there is correspondence between the socio-economic objective situation in the region and expectations and perceptions of its citizens.

According to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) made the study in conjunction with Latinobarometro seeking to contribute to designing more integrating public policies that would advance towards reducing poverty and inequality in the region.

The book entitled "Latin America in the Looking Glass. Objective and Subjective Dimensions of social inequality and welfare in the region" with data gathered between 1995 to 2006 was presented in the United Nations headquarters in this city.

Researchers used official sources and survey of homes as well as studies of public opinion collected by Latinobarometro, in what was described as "an unprecedented exercise in a regional level."  (Prensa Latina)