Puebla Group supports Nobel Prize for Cuban doctors

Buenos Aires, Oct 8.- The Puebla Group, made up of prominent progressive leaders from 15 countries, supported the campaign to bestow the Nobel Peace Prize on the Henry Reeve Cuban Medical Brigade.


Figures such as former presidents Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Brazil), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), Fernando Lugo (Paraguay) and Ernesto Samper (Colombia), in addition to several legislators, comprise the Puebla Group.

A statement signed by them details that Cuban doctors have made many missions, such as the fight against Ebola in Africa or the fight against blindness in Latin America and cholera in Haiti.

The document also sets out that in the current fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, Cuban healthcare professionals have been working in 39 countries and territories, among which is Italy, Nicaragua, Haiti, Suriname and Venezuela.

The Puebla Group underscored the performance of Cuba’s medical missions, which have saved and are saving thousands of lives each year, especially in the poorest countries lacking public health services.

Cuba, the text adds, has had an exemplary performance in the fight against the pandemic, it is successful in internally controlling the virus and demonstrates a high degree of international solidarity with the most affected countries.

The offer of such international medical services provided by Cuba in accordance with the General Agreement on Trade in Services of the World Trade Organization (WTO) follows the directives and regulations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Group notes, which was created in the Mexican city of Puebla in 2019.

The Puebla Group applauded Cuba’s humanitarian effort in providing health services to underserved populations in dozens of countries around the world, especially life-saving in the current situation of the pandemic, and expressed its support for the international campaign for the Nobel Prize for the Henry Reeve Brigade, which is gaining strength in the world. (Prensa Latina)