Cuba Generated More Electricity with Less Fuel

Cuba Generated More Electricity with Less Fuel Havana, Feb 3. – The National Electrical Union of Cuba (UNE) reported that in 2011, the country generated more electricity with less fuel, and developed a comprehensive plan for rehabilitation and maintenance.

In statements to Granma newspaper, Investment Director Norge Luis Morales noted that UNE will continue its strategy based on control and efficiency this year.

If facilities are well taken care of, it will be possible to increase the availability electricity and prevent blackouts due to emergencies at the plants, added Morales.

Capital repairs in 2011 caused improvements in the rates of input and specific consumption, which translates into lower fuel use for power generation, said Morales.

He added that in 2011, more than 92,000 networks were rehabilitated, making it possible to eliminate about 20,000 low-voltage areas.

Morales pointed out last year, nine electrical substations were connected in as many provinces, favoring the parameters of voltage and a reduction in the damage and loss of energy.

The expert noted the continuity process in the modernization of the power grid, both in the residential sector with 75,000 new services, and the state sector, with the introduction of new meters and prepayment tariffs.(Prensa Latina)