Merkel Predicts Difficult Year for Germany

Berlin, Dec 31. -German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel said Saturday that 2012 will be a very hard year for Germany, despite the relative economic stability.In her New Year´s Eve message broadcast by German media, Merkel pointed out Germany has a good record, but the coming year will be more difficult.

Merkel, however, did not identify what will be the main problems to be faced by the nation, which is the European Union´s principal economy, or how the problems will affect citizens.

Many analysts anticipated a slight fall of the German economy, which has decelerated in the last months.

Merkel said that Europe should cooperate more if it wants the euro to be more successful as a common currency.

She also admitted there is still a long way to go to revert the European financial crisis, but she said that despite the problems, the situation will in the end bring the continent closer together. (Prensa Latina)