Five Artistic Expressions at Mercocities Festival

Montevideo, Dec 13. -The Mercocities network called the Traveling Art Festival on Human Rights in photography, letters (short story, drama and poetry) and song, based on local realities.The event will prioritize issues related to youth rights, gender equality, regional citizenship, environment, indigenous and Afro-descendants, and will choose 20 works in each discipline, organizers said.

An honorary committee composed by Argentinian filmmaker Julio Santucho, Chilean writer Isabel Allende, Paraguayan author and poet Martin Almada and Uruguayan politician and professor Belela Herrera will be responsible for choosing the materials.

Ana Olivera, mayor of Montevideo and Mercodiudades Executive Secretary, noted that the Festival's themes focus on social integration as a basic fact to consolidate democracy in the area.

The Festival is part of the regional strategic project Mercociudades State plus Rights that aims to link various actors to optimize results, in terms of good practice in the defense of human rights.

Mercocities, founded in 1995 as an initiative of mayors, governors and prefects of the area, aims to encourage the participation of municipalities in the work of integration, according to the Statutes. (Prensa Latina)