Syria Continues Reform Program Amid Foreign Harassment

Damascus, Nov 29. -Despite the foreign harassment and pressures the once considered Arab brothers have joined, Syria will continue carrying out its reform program, authorities confirmed on Tuesday.UN Joins Pressure on Syria 
At a press conference, Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallen noted that the committee responsible for drawing up the new Constitution must be done in short considering that the document will pave the way for a new political system in keeping with the demands of sectors of the society.

Al-Moallen reaffirmed that Syria will hold elections on December 12 to elect local governments, while, in February 2012, the national legislative elections will take place.

Syria still enforces the Constitution of 1973.

Sam Delleh, spokesman of the constitutional panel, affirmed that the committee will present the final document to President Bashar al-Assad before 2011 ends.

Delleh underlined that, regarding the structure of the State, the new Constitution includes the separation of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial powers and the protection to the rights of Syrians, for which experts recommend to create a supreme constitutional court.

The Syrian government reform program aims at fulfilling the aspirations and hopes of the society, according to the leadership of the country. (Prensa Latina)