US: New Mobilizations after Zuccotti Park Eviction

Washington, Nov 15. -Hundreds of police officers on Tuesday vacated demonstrators from the Zuccotti Park, in New York. As a response to this action, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement announced in a communique that this is not the end of their activities in the United States or the world.

Police forces evicted protesters from the park since Tuesday early morning, following orders from New York mayor Michel R. Bloomberg, who said that the area needed a balance between free expression and sanitation.

Bloomberg declared he was not against OWS activists, but from now on they were not allowed to camp and remain in the Park areas during the night.

At the moment riot forces were evicting the protesters, nearly 200 activists were gathered at the Zuccotti Park; and at least 24 of them were arrested for clashing with the police.

In their official website, OWS urged supporters to move to Foley Square in Lower Manhattan, to continue their mass protests.

"This movement cannot be contained in only one New York park; they can evict an area, but they can not evict an idea whose time has come", reads a statement issued by the OWS movement. (Prensa Latina)