Uruguay To Create 30,000 new jobs in 2011

Uruguay To Create 30,000 new jobs in 2011Montevideo, Jun 2. -Uruguay hopes to create 30,000 jobs, informed Eduardo Brenta, Work and Social Security Minister.

Brenta announced this during the presentation of agreements achieved on the subject, "Jobs and Training of Young People" as part of a National Dialogue in this sector.

The minister, quoted Wednesday in the presidential web site, pointed to the importance of assuring sustainability of young people in the educational system.

This meeting aims to achieve agreements on the design and application of policies on jobs in accordance with the development required by the country.

The debate is centered on five main points that correspond to the main challenges Uruguay faces regarding labor.

In May there were four sessions with institutions of the professional, business, union, social and educational sectors that focused on the theme "Job and Training".

The main advances, according to the site, were recognition of the need to bond the educational world with labor and productivity within a Professional Integrated National System.

Promoting practice and training in factories and institutions to give priority to vulnerable young people was one of the most important agreements.

Brenta added that there are tax benefits and Social Security contributions to institutions that hire jobless young people.

"The purpose of the Ministry is to advance and grant economic support while generating policies that promote maintenance of young people in the educational system," he added.

Working towards educational expansion and diversification, bearing in mind territorial differences, and reducing the hours of work daily for young people to allow them to finish their school courses, were also topics analyzed. (Prensa Latina)