US: Population Studies Show Need of Immigrants

US: Population Studies Show Need of Immigrants Washington, Feb 24. – One out of each tour states in the United States is registering population decrease and needs Latin immigration to survive.

The online page of La Raza said that proportion is given by the reduction of the number of people in 760 of the 3,142 US counties.

According to the US Census Office the reduction might be able to be compensated with the migration, most of them from Latin American countries and with a high birth rate index, especially in regions with a low population index.

The results go to the convenience to follow economic policies to stop the migration to cities with better life and employment offers.

The recommendations contradict the growing expulsion of illegal migrants and the anti-immigrant position in most of the states, especially in the ones bordering with Mexico.

It also contrasts with the reiterated rejection of the Chamber of Representatives to the so-called Dream Act, by which they want to give 2.5 million young illegal people, who came to the US when they were children.(Prensa Latina)