We have to lear from Fidel, says CDR member from Santa Cruz del Sur

We have to lear from Fidel, says CDR member from Santa Cruz del SurSanta Cruz del Sur, Sep 29. –Since September 27th twilight members of the CDR from Santa Cruz del Sur, as in the whole country, celebrated the new anniversary of the creation of the Comités for the Defense of the Revolution, 50 years of victories, achieved thanks to the strength of the truth and the ideas, phrase used by Commander in Chief when brilliantly defined the concept of Revolution.

Sergio Contreras, member of the CDR from La Punta de San Juan Community highlighted the importante of remembering the events that made nowadays peace reign in this island.

“ I feel very happy, it is an honor for the cuban people to receive, after some time, Fidel at the celebration that today we owe him”. He recalled the speech of the night of 1960, where the indisputable leader of the rising Revolution expressed gratitude to the yankee enemy for planting the petards, because thanks to them,  the desires to progress and to grow  intellectually woke up,  things that materialized with the construction of 100 schools in the country side by each petard, and 100 militians were forged, people willing to defend and do anything for the homeland“…

Sergio Contreras said very excited: “ I always assert it, i will always defend my people, where the national flag must wave for the rest of our lives”. (Yamilé Agrenot Castillo).