Delegates from South Camaguey ready to render account

Delegates from South Camaguey ready to render accountSanta Cruz del Sur, Sep 15. –The second session in the 14th term of office of the Bodies of  the Popular Power in Santa Cruz del Sur, tackled a subject meticolously anylized by their delegates, the behabior of the Population Attention activity.

It has been informed that it is necessary to look for the best alternative so as to eradicate a group of nonconformities existing among the population, in the first place in the housing, food, and some other needs generated from the agudization of the world crisis we are undergoing.

Likewise a vast information by leaders from Health, Hidrology, transport and the Basic Electric Organization(OBE), qualified the plenary session of the Parliaments from south camaguey, benchmarking the training they are receiving with theur eyes on the First Process of rendition of account of the delegate to their electors that they have to tackle.

There are many activities to be carried out his month, where the representatives of the people play an important role. There is the Ideological Days in remembrance of the Heroes and Martyrs of Pino Tres and La Caobita. And there is aso the actions to be taken by the people for it to acheive a prominent place in the emulation for the 26th of July.

One of the special moments came with the speech by Elio Toledo Castell, member of the Local Bureau of the Party, who made a call to join the big army of solidary people demanding the release of our five heroes imprisoned in the United States. (Rolando Canaura Sánchez / Radio Santa Cruz)