Venezuelan Socialists Promote Actions to Prevent Sabotage

Venezuelan Socialists Promote Actions to Prevent SabotageCaracas, Sep 16. – Representatives of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and electrical workers are meeting on Wednesday to discuss recent fires and breakdowns at substations and power transmission networks believed to be caused by sabotage.

The main purpose of the meeting is to create a movement to confront these actions, which are intended to cause a situation of destabilization in the weeks leading up to the September 26 parliamentarian elections, PSUV leaders stated.

The countryâ�Ös security agencies are investigating the causes of the breakdowns in stations in Caracas and other cities.

The governors of Anzoategui and Aragua states, Tareck William Saab and Rafael Isea respectively, attributed the recent interruptions in service to sabotage.

Given the growing suspicions of sabotage, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged intelligence services and electrical workers to counteract these actions, which he said are promoted by the opposition. (Prensa Latina)