Cuba, my green enraged caiman

Cuba, my green enraged caiman     Santa Cruz del Sur, Apr 16. -The United States accuses us of being a country that violates the human rights. Does the "Empire" know the meaning of Human Rights?  How many people have been victims of savage beatings or suffer from neglect in the United States, while many ringleaders who have sowed the pain and suffering in several regions of the world are still out there? Cuba is a country that enacts right’s equity for all the citizens, from the youngest to the oldest. Everyone here has respectable rights. Because in my country there are lows that govern the everyday life.  The men and women from this island work for the common wellfare, so lofe could be peaceful.  Of course those peole who just want to overshadow the shining work of all the ones who gave theirs lives to acheive what we have today dont have a space in my green caiman.  So wahy do we have to permit that small spilter’s groups alter the order and peace that has reigned in Cuba since the fifties?  Well i want all those who still think of being part of these camoaigns to know that in every action they take agains our country, they will find millions of cubans, that as other did in Girón , The Sierra Maestra, and the Granma,  we will respond with the arms, hands and blood if we have to, what it is ours , what belongs to us, and what nobady ever will be ablo to take from us. (Daine Torres Corzo / Radio Santa Cruz)