Bolivia for Union of Indigenous Nations

Bolivia for Union of Indigenous Nations        La Paz, Apr 12 . -Ahead of the World Peoples's Conference on Climate Change, April 20-22 in Cochabamba, the Bolivian government encourages the creation of the Union of Indigenous Nations and Workers


President Evo Morales explained that alliance is not an alternative to the United Nations Organization, but the international community must hear its call for the defense of the Earth rights.

In an act Sunday to recall the tenth anniversary of what is known as the war over water, Morales stated the social summit must agree on the creation of a world organization to defend the planet, life, and humanity, threatened by capitalism and the consumer society.

That is the only way for the world's heads of State to listen to indigenous people's demands for the defense of the planet.

Morales told Radio Patria Nueva yesterday that UNO is not intended to replace the UN.

Morales heads a world movement in defense of the environment, and for the reduction of greenhouse gases.

The Bolivian president said the creation of the new world organization will be put to consideration of a multilateral summit, scheduled for December in Cancun, Mexico.

He also stressed the positive response to his call for the conference of the peoples, which is expected to be attended by over 7,000 delegates from 100 countries worldwide, as well as thinkers, artists, and scientists.(Prensa Latina)