Cuba insists on wearing masks against Covid-19

Havana, May 8.- All persons in Cuba should wear the masks when leaving their homes as a way to avoid the Covid-19, reiterated the director of Epidemiology of the Public Health Ministry, Francisco Duran.


The use of that means of protection is necessary, it is essential, the doctor stressed at the usual press conference to update on the impact of the coronavirus SARS-Cov-2, which causes this disease.

Duran again explained that masks prevent the micro-drops of spit from escaping to the outside, thus preventing infection of people and surfaces.

He mentioned that in Cuba, where a total of 1,729 cases were confirmed with Covid-19 after 26 new cases, there is a culture of making masks.

He also said that those made of cloth should be washed very well with water and soap, laid out in the sun, and finally ironed, in order to achieve complete hygiene.

On the other hand, the physician reiterated the need to maintain protection measures, such as social isolation, and said that Covid-19, which is responsible for the death of 73 Cubans, is much deadlier than the 2009 influenza A (H1N1).

‘This is not a common cold, this kills,’ stressed Duran, who referred to the perception of risk about the lethal illness, from which 1,31 Cubans have recovered, 615 have stable clinical evolution, and there are five in a critical state and three serious.

The day before, said Duran, 2,370 patients were admitted to hospitals for clinical and epidemiological monitoring, and another 6,362 people are being monitored at home by the Primary Health Care system.

In addition, 1,965 cases were studied nationwide to determine Covid-19, and 61,613 samples were collected for that purpose. (Prensa Latina)