More than 40 entities in China donate health materials to Cuba (+ Photo)

Beijing, Apr 16.- More than 40 companies and institutions in China have prepared donations of medical supplies to help Cuba strengthen its capacity to confront the Covid-19 pandemic, official sources reported.


The ambassador of Havana in Beijing, Carlos Miguel Pereira, explained that some of these entities have already sent their contributions and others are waiting for the necessary spaces for air shipments.

He mentioned among the donors to the Chinese diplomatic mission in Cuba, various ministries, government and Communist Party agencies, the Henan Foreign Office, as well as the firms SKN, Xiamen Carisol, Geely, Beijing Rosa, BPL, Changheber, Shanghai Suncuba and Beya Time, among others.

He also highlighted the initiatives with a similar purpose of former Chinese fellows on the island, the community of Cuban residents here, the La Casa de David cultural project and the Returned Students from the West, the National Medicines and Friendship of Zhongshan associations.

On this day, Pereira symbolically received the contribution of the Hebei Province University of Foreign Studies, whose rector, Sun Jianzhong, reiterated the desire to deepen bilateral cooperation in educational and health matters, in the context of the celebrations for the 60 years of diplomatic relations.

The Consul General in Shanghai, Néstor Torres, also received this Wednesday the contribution of the Foreign Affairs offices of said municipality and the Minhang district for the provinces of Havana and Santiago de Cuba.

On the other hand, Pereira highlighted in a newspaper article that solidarity prevails and makes its way amid the hard and decisive battle against pneumonia, and despite the United States’ attempts to persecute and criminalize it.

He referred, among other issues, to the unease among many Chinese friends and those from other parts of the world over Washington’s efforts to tighten the economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba and hinder the arrival of medical aid, such as that of the electronic commerce giant. Alibaba.

After that incident, several local media outlets dedicate space to reflecting on the negative effects of the hostile policies of the White House, and even some such as the Global Times and interviewed the diplomat on the subject and the Cuban reality. (Prensa Latina)