[:es]Cuban Embassy Confirms in Canada US Blockade Damages[:]


Ottawa, May 31 .- Cuban ambassador in Canada, Josefina Vidal reiterated here denunciation on the effects of the blockade imposed by United States against her country and the damages to the people of the Caribbean Island.


During a meeting with members of the Canada-Cuba group of the federal Parliament, Vidal said that this commercial, economic and financial siege, given its extraterritorial nature, also prevents the normal development of relations with other countries.

The diplomat proposed to explore the possibility that the congress or one of its chambers or its committees discuss and approve a motion on the blockade.

In this way, she added, they would join ‘the large number of national parliaments, institutions and people around the world who have condemned this cruel policy,’ noted a press release from the Havana Embassy in Ottawa.

During the meeting, which responded to an invitation from Senator Pierrette Ringuette, co-president of the aforementioned parliamentary group, the representative of Cuba referred to the good state of bilateral relations.

Canada is the fourth commercial partner and main market for tourism to the Caribbean island, added Vidal commenting on the potential to increase their investments in strategic sectors for the Cuban economy such as renewable energy, agriculture and tourism, among others.

Meanwhile, Senator Ringuette (independent, New Brunswick) offered, on behalf of the group, heartfelt condolences to the people of Cuba for the victims caused by the tragic plane crash on May 18.

The ambassador thanked the legislator for her words and offered information on the electoral process that took place recently in the Caribbean country, from which Miguel Díaz-Canel was elected president.

Senator Ghislain Maltais (Conservative, Sacré-Coeur, Quebec) was interested in the possibilities of increasing the presence of Canada in the development plans of Cuba, while Mobina Jaffer (Liberal, British Columbia), of Ugandan origin, thanked the collaboration of the Greater Antilles Island with Africa.

The meeting was also attended by Senator Diane F. Griffin (independent, Prince Edward Island), and accompanied by Vidal on the Cuban side, Giuvel Orozco, counselor and second head of Mission, and other officials. (Prensa Latina)