CDR Congress Flag Flying High in Camagüey

CDR Congress Flag Flying High in CamagüeyCamagüey, Aug 28. – The flag by which the 8th Congress of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) will be identified will arrive Wednesday in Jayamá, a people's council in the outskirts of Camagüey, once it was received last night in the eastern municipality of Guaimaro, coming from the neighboring Las Tunas province.

Traveling across the plains of Camagüey, the banner identifying the summit of the island country's largest grass-root organization will fly high in another four people's councils in this Cuban province.

Likewise, from August 28 to 30 and escorted by 53 young people, the flag will travel across the municipalities of Sierra de Cubitas, Jimaguayú, Santa Cruz del Sur, Florida and Altagracia people's council.

Juan Carlos Ávila, cadre of the mass-based organization in Camagüey, told reporters that in the past few days CDR members have been carrying out a wide array of actions, including non-remunerated donations of blood, talks on health with the participation of specialists and meetings to organize a community-based program which seeks to fight social indiscipline. (Naily Muñoz)