Havana Film Festival: Eight Finalists Competing for Postproduction Award

Havana Film Festival: Eight Finalists Competing for Postproduction AwardHavana, Dec 2. -Eight film projects from 11 Latin American countries are competing for the ALBA Cultural Latin America First Copy Award for Postproduction, the winner will be announced at the 32nd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema of Havana, almost ready to begin.

Havana Film Fest Honors 200 Years of LatAm Independence According to the organizing committee, 32 films were received, of which an international jury chose the finalists that are from Spain, Mexico, Argentine, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Guatemala and Cuba.

This award, which gives 1,500 dollars and is announced for the third consecutive year in the Havana Film Festival, is an important support to the final realization of the winning films, besides, it promotes the interrelationship of producers, independent moviemakers and representatives of film funding.

Prestigious figures of cinema sucha as German Brigitte Suarez, Mexican Monica Lozano, Argentine Pablo Rovito and Cuban Camilo Vives are members of the jury

The list of finalists:

Argentine: El fin del Potemkin (documentary)

-Argentine-España: Las acacias (fiction)

-Chile: Las acacias (fiction)

-Chile-Argentina: Ulises (fiction)

-Cuba:Chamaco (fiction)

-Guatemala-Chile: Fe (fiction)

-Puerto Rico-España: Las caroetas (documentary)

-Uruguay: Las flores de mi familia (documentary)  (Prensa Latina)