Vigils, Demonstrations, Delegations to Support Syrian President

Damascus, Nov 24. -Sit-ins, vigils and demonstrations are taking place on Thursday in different cities of the country to support President Bashar al-Assad and reject the AL anti-Syrian actions, reaffirming national unity.In Raqqa, thousands of citizens held a vigil on Wednesday night in a square in front of the seat of the provincial government carrying an enormous sign saying: "We do not accept the actions of the Arab League", according to a translation provided to Prensa Latina.

SANA news agency reported that demonstrators in Raqqa reaffirmed their support to the reform process promoted by the government of al-Assad and the decision of keeping themselves firm and united to face foreign conspiracies.

In Aleppo, thousands of locals gathered at Saadallah al-Jaberi Square as part of a sit-in denouncing the AL decisions and the media war unleashed against the country, Cham Press news agency reported.

Apart from these demonstrations, some foreign delegations are visiting Damascus expressing their solidarity and support to the Syrian government and people.

A numerous Russian delegation visited Damascus, where it was received by President al-Assad, and traveled to Aleppo showing their solidarity and learning the reality of the country so that truth can be made public to Russia.

In the harbor city of Lattakia, a Bulgarian delegation expressed its support to the efforts of the Syrian government and people to guarantee public safety and preserve national unity given the insurrectionary interference and plans sparked off from abroad.

Delegations from the National Trade Union Confederation of Brazil and from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea also traveled to Damascus underlining their support to Syrians. (Prensa Latina)