Cuban Rat Poison BioRat In Southern Asia

Hanoi, Sep 19. -The prestige of the Cuban rat poison BioRat increased in southern Asia where rats have caused millions loses, demanding a sustainable ecological solutionProduced at Delta of Mekong by BioVietnam, from the Cuban business group Labiofam, this biological product knocked at the doors of the Malaysian market with full reference of effectiveness.They have also reached Malaysia with the credibility provided by the ISO 9001 of 2008 quality Standard and production indicators and quality redoubled in the last five years.

The director of BioVietnam Company Griselda Mena and engine of its well-known revitalization, realized in Kuala Lumpur the interest Biorat has aroused among producers affected by the uncontrollable rodent.

But a market research made by Myagri Company showed that rats caused losses that exceeded one billion dollars in the oil palm, the main agricultural item in Malaysia.

In Fact, new test on the field are in progress now to verify what is known in Vietnam as BioRat that works without causing side effects of the chemical substances like human poisoning. hr/abo/cmv
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