Ecuador: Sports Clubs Will Be Open to People

Ecuador: Sports Clubs Will Be Open to PeopleQuito, Nov 22. -Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa called on all the government bodies to comply with the decree ordering them to hand over their sports clubs to the Sports Ministry for public use by all citizens.

The decree orders the handing over of the physical infrastructure of stadiums and recreational sites operated by various government agencies and ministries to the Sports Ministry.

Correa noted that Cuba is one of the worldâ�Ös sports powers, and said, "We are bringing many Cuban trainers who are astonished by the quantity and quality of the sports infrastructure we have in Ecuador."

All these luxury clubs, which have been an insult to the poverty of the Ecuadorian people, will go to the hands of the Ministry of Sports so that all of the Ecuadorian people can use them, and a study is underway to optimize their use, Correa underlined.

The statesman warned that entities that do not comply with the decree to hand over their facilities to the Ministry would be penalized by the Comptrollerâ�Ös office. (Prensa Latina)