United we vote for our Homeland

United we vote for our Homeland The polls have already initiated in Southern Camaguey and in the whole country as a culmination of a great an extensive nominative stage, where in the districts the candidates that were designated will be elected today, so as to represent the community in the local Govern Body.

The assemblies in Santa Cruz were characterized by the nomination to the merit and the capacity. The biographies of the deputies and the delegates were announced and the people could assess each candidate so as to vote today directly and secretly.

We go to the polls with the purpose of electing, in the first place, to capable people that will represent us in the local assemblies. And further we are going to select the provincial representatives of the People’s Power and the deputies that will be members of the Cuban Parliament.

These elections that are taking place right now in the whole island of Cuba will maintain the transparency and fairness that have always characterized early processes. And in this socialist-legislative step the people from Santa Cruz del Sur will demonstrate our will to make the constitution valuable.

We vote for our Democracy, we vote the unity of our People and our Homeland!