Capping of Well in the Gulf of Mexico Continues

Capping of Well in the Gulf of Mexico Continues        Washington, May 28. -The oil slick has been polluting the waters of the Gulf of Mexico for five weeks amid the existing expectations regarding the success of a capping operation that is being carried out.

The British Petroleum company (BP) is trying to cap the oil wellhead, from where the crude is escaping, but according to experts, some days must pass by before they declare the success of the operation.

BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles said in a press conference that the first phase is over and that an additional material will be pumped into the rig starting Friday.

President Barack Obama stated on Thursday that there has been corruption in the agency in charge of monitoring the oil rigs for years. This fact must intensify the critics towards his administration.

He called the attention regarding the resignation of Elizabeth Birnbaum, director of the Minerals Management Service (MMS), which is the entity that supervises oil and gas explorations in the United States.

The leader announced a series of measures that includes the suspension of new drillings and oil exploration in the coasts of Alaska, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The moratorium will last six months.

In that sense, he ordered the suspension of all operations in the 33 wells that are being exploited in the Gulf of Mexico. This action does not mean that he is renouncing to the obtaining of oil from sea bottom.(Prensa Latina)