Global Economic Crisis, a Main Killer

Global Economic Crisis, a Main Killer        Havana, May 27. -Global economic crisis constitutes one of the ways to end the life of human beings, participants in the 9th Ibero-American Encounter on Gender and Communication denounced in Havana on Wednesday.

At the inaugural session of this meeting with representatives of six countries, Chair of the Scientific Committee Isabel Moya said that this phenomenon goes beyond a cyclical period of problems of capitalism.

We are going through the deep crisis of a predator model of life that is exterminating the planet and the human race, added Moya, who is also editor of the Mujeres (Women) magazine.

She noted that in Latin America, "the region of the world with more unequal wealth distribution and neoliberal policies that harm the people", women and girls are the most affected by poverty. (Prensa Latina)