New brochure for the historic culture education in South Camaguey

New brochure for the historic culture education in South CamagueySanta Cruz del Sur, Nov 22. –Guiding the new generations in the creation of a historic culture, where national history is related with the local history in an organic way is the current objective in the lessons of this subject. Graduate Miguel Ángel Cañete Torres, teacher at the Camilo Cienfuegos High School form this territory, works with empirical methods through his own school proposal, very efficient result.

He goes to a lot of troubles in the creation of a brochure comprehending facts and events of a major importance that took place in this teritory between 1952 and 1958, which will offer more knowledge to teachers of secondary education.

There is also the purpose of sistematizing the methodological preparations to offer the new approcahes aimed to the educational and ideological labour.

The arrival of the 21st Century drew up necessary guidelines for the High Schools in the whole country, aimed to the basic and integral fromation of the teenagers, on the basis of a general culture.

The knowledge of history multiplies and it is called to continue to increase in pupils and teachers, but for this objective to be fulfilled it is necessary that men and women from the secondary education know the the contents, and know thoroughly everything related to our fighting traditions.

Our Commander Fidel Castro said that it is useful to rummage in the extraordinary history of Cuba, receiving education, lessons and examples, infinite source of heroism.