Very different elections

 Before the Revolution the elections were corrupt and responded to the interests of the moment. There is a huge difference between the elections held today and those ones held before the Revolution, according to Francisco Ramos, resident of Haiti town, from Santa Cruz, Camaguey.

“In those times the elections were generally paid, the candidates had to spend their money so as to be elected. They were not nominated by the people, but for the people running the elections at that time. Nowadays the people nominate. The Communist party do not run for elections, the people do.”

The day of the elections was totally different, nowadays the pupils take care of the ballot boxes, and when people vote they do it fairly, and every one can participate. Before the Revolution the doors were closed and only the rural guards could be there, so as to permit the cheating and deception. For instance there was never a blank ballot because some politicians decided the convenient candidate.

This testimony is repeated over and over for people that lived in other governs and could verify the lie used then to nominate and choose the candidates.

The polls were very different to those ones existing today, despite what all the ones who want to discredit the Cuban Democracy say. The people nominate and elects. The powers belong to the majority and not to a minority. That is why nowadays votes are supported by many people and they guarantee the continuity of the political system that the people itself decide.  (Lisi Walcott Mora/ Radio Santa Cruz)