Cuban Elderly Celebrate their International Day

Cuban Elderly Celebrate their International DayHavana, Cuba, Sep 7.- Cuban elderly will celebrate their internacional day next October 1 with a cultural and scientific varied program, ranging from gastronomic contests to lectures dedicated to learning how to age.

Organized by the Office of the City Historian, activities will start with the fifth edition of the Memory Festival next September 21, to mark the World Day against Alzheimer. There will also be a tribute to deceased Cuban poet Jesús Orta Ruiz, known as the Indio Naborí, (1922-2005) with several proposals, among which the opening of the exhibition The Fugue of the Angel, with some of his books.

Another feature will be the cooking contest, destined to rescue Cuban recipes, as well as lectures on eating habits of the Third Age.

There will also be concerts with traditional folk songs, visits to museums and intergenerational meetings.

The scientific program incluyes lectures on how to prolong life.

One of them will be the care of nails in the elderly, in charge of Podology specialists and another about interaction of pharmaceuticals consumed in that age period.

Instituted in 1990 by the United Nations, the date of October 1 as International Day of the Elderly is celebrated worldwide in many ways.

The main objective is to be aware of how to live longer and with more benefits to the human being. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).