US Blacklisting of Cuba is Irresponsible and Dishonest, Said US Scholar

US Blacklisting of Cuba is Irresponsible and Dishonest, Said US ScholarHavana, Cuba, Aug 8.- The co-director of the Cuban Americans for Engagement (CAFE) organization, professor Maria Isabel Alfonso described as irresponsible and dishonest the presentation to the American people of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism.

In statements to PL news agency, Alfonso who is a Modern Languages professor at the New York-based Saint Joseph’s College criticized the recent blacklisting of the island by the US Department of State and said it was an action distorting of the reality of the Caribbean nation.

US President Barack Obama inherited this situation from previous administrations, since 1982, said the founder of the organization promoting the normalization of US-Cuba commercial and diplomatic relations.

Alfonso said that if Obama is reelected US President he should take serious the proposal recently made by Cuban President Raul Castro and agree to a far-reaching dialog on all issues concerning relations between Havana and Washington.

“Cuba is not considered a terrorist country or a threat in the official documents of any country’s foreign ministry, and the United States must adopt a minimum level of responsibility about its blacklist and put aside its  pacifying politicking towards the Cuban American right-wing circles, which only brings the discredit of Washington before the world, said the professor. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).