Syrian Ex Prime Minister Hijab Betrayed His People

Syrian Ex Prime Minister Hijab Betrayed His PeopleDamascus, Aug 7.- Former Syrian Prime Minister Riad Hijab was plotting against his people and once he was discovered, NATO took him out of the nation to Lebanon, denounced an online report of Voltaire network.

Rumors about the defection of other Cabinet ministers were denied during an extraordinary Council of Minister meeting chaired by Omar Ghalawanji, which allowed Syrian people to watch the presence of all its members in television broadcast full-breadth images, revealed Voltaire.

Some experts consider that Hija's case is a blow for the government of President Bashar al-Assad, because it is the first betrayal of an important figure since the crisis started over 17 months ago.

According to Voltaire network, led by French journalist and investigator Thierry Meyssan from Jordan, Hijab's spokesman, Mohamed Otri, said that his boss had already been working in secret to overthrow Bashar al-Assad long before he was appointed President of the Council of Ministers on 23 June.

Everything would appear to indicate that the failed "Damascus Volcano and Syrian Earthquake" operation was supposed to be a military coup for which Riad Hijab would have provided a civilian cover, said Thierry Meyssan

Washington and its allies believed that after the decapitation of the military command in the July 18 attack, various generals and their regiments were going to seize power with the help of mercenaries from Jordan, to be then put in the hands of Hijab.

It is not yet known at what point the security services began to doubt the loyalty of the President of the Council of Ministers. In any case, he had never been questioned and participated in an official ceremony on Sunday before fleeing. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).