Moroccan Soldiers Kills Sahrawi Boy

Moroccan Soldiers Kills Sahrawi BoyMadrid, Oct 26. -The Moroccan Army killed a Sahrawi boy in Western Sahara, the Spanish media reported on Monday.

Garhi Najem Foidal, 14, was killed by Moroccan troops near the camps set up two weeks ago west of Ayoun, the Saharan capital, to protest the adverse living conditions of people living in that occupied territory.

The Ministry of Occupied Territories of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) also confirmed the boy's death.

The SADR said in a press release that at least five other Saharawis, including a brother of the boy, were injured in the attack on their vehicle.

The incidents occurred about two kilometers (1.2 miles) from a tent camp where over 10,000 people have gathered since October 10 to protest the repression they face in Moroccan-dominated cities in Western Sahara.

The boy's death took place only 24 hours after Christopher Ross, special envoy of the UN secretary general for the Sahara, toured the zone. (Prensa Latina)