Editorial in Florida for end of US Blockade on Cuba, Cuban Adjustmen

Washington, 9 jun. – An editorial of Progreso Semanal website has urged to abolish the Cuban Adjustment Act (CAA) and lift the over 50-year-old US blockade on Cuba.

The Blockade and the CAA continue being part of the US policy against Cuba, and a source of political opportunism, revealed the article.

For one side, Washington firmly holds its plan of destroying the Cuban economy, while on the other side CAA grants US residence to any Cuban who can reach the US territory.

The editorial also criticizes the 1966 legislation, which gives migratory possibilities to Cubans, and the political refugee category, though they do not prove that status, a condition that is not granted to any other nationality.

The article also highlights that the fact that Republican lawmaker David Rivera took a reform proposal of the CAA for discussion at the House of Representatives.

The HR 2831 project aims to amend Public Law 89-732 (CAA), and if it is passed it would ban those Cubans who live in the US and who are not American citizens yet to travel to Cuba.(PL)