Santa Cruz del Sur maintains Health Days

Santa Cruz del Sur maintains Health DaysSanta Cruz del Sur, Dec 7. –With the blood extractions in order to contribute with the health of the population in many communities from Southern Camaguey, Santa Cruz keeps an active position in the plan to systematically develop the Health Days.

Such actions already gained a space in the interest of the inhabitants of the most distant communities from the municipality, because of the diversity of medical services offered, apart from the various commerce, cultural, and gastronomic activities held there.

This is one of the purposes devised by the Local Health Sector, Government, and Communist Party, so as to maintain and increase the participation of the organisms involved, where stomatology, and ophthalmic assistance, among others, is offered.

These Health Days in Santa Cruz del Sur have been the strategic mechanism that has reverted into positive results in the plan of the province of Camaguey. The contribution made by the people from this territory with the blood donations is an altruistic act aimed to the noble purpose of saving lives. .  (Hugo Betancourt Mayoral / Radio Santa Cruz)