Habano Festival Begins in Cuba

Habano Festival Begins in Cuba Havana, Feb 27. – The Havana Cigar Festival, in addition to being a meeting of experts as of Monday, means culture and traditions and its 14th edition is dedicated to the 520th anniversary of the discovery of tobacco.

More than 1,000 experts from 60 countries are attending the event from February 27 to March 2 in Havana's Conference Center. They will visit tobacco crops, cigar factories and places for meetings.

After the meeting, there is a known and interesting story, because Rodrigo de Xerez and Luis de Torres were the best men accompanying Christopher Columbus, a patent for the great adventure that was to arrive in the Americas and discover tobacco.

That was why, he chose them to present the letter of introduction from the Catholic Monarchs to the emperor of the Chinese people, on November 2, 1492, as they believed they had arrived in China and the yearned Cipango (Japan), the objective of the trip, but they were in Cuba.

On October 27 of that year, the Spanish fleet had reached Cuban lands, but the first eventuality came from Xerez and Torres on November 4, when they reported having found what they later would call tobacco.(Prensa Latina)