Dante Alighieri Society Decorates Eusebio Leal

Dante Alighieri Society Decorates Eusebio Leal Havana, Feb 16. – The Dante Algieri Society, an institution founded in Italy in 1889 to spread Italian language and culture, decorated Havana's historian, Eusebio Leal.

According to a communiqué released by Office of the City Historian, the general secretary of the Society, Alessandro Masi, granted Eusebio Leal the Diploma of Benemerenza, after a meeting of the board of directors recently held at the Palazzo Firenze in Rome.

The Gold Medal is the highest decoration granted by the Society and was bestowed to Leal as an acknowledgement of his considerable contributions to the promotion of Italian culture and language and his efforts to preserve the history of relations between the peoples of Italy and Cuba (Prensa Latina)