Medical Applications of Biotechnology in Havana Conference

Medical Applications of Biotechnology in Havana ConferenceHavana, Feb 15. – Researchers from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia will participate from March 5 to 8 in the Havana Biotechnology Congress 2012, which will be focused on medical applications of this discipline.

Latin America will be present with specialists from Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and Cuba, as host. Scientists from Russia, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands will represent Europe.

Researchers from Bangladesh, South Africa, Viet Nam, Israel, Kenya, USA and Canada will also attend the conference.

Therapeutic advances in cardiovascular and autoimmune disease, inflammation and neuro-regeneration are among the main topics.

According to the website of the event, one of the novelties are the satellite video conference covering topics such as glycolic vaccine, vaccines for dengue, and HIV and its therapies.

Biotechnology Havana 2012 and its medical applications has a biannual frequency. The previous conferences brought together experts from some 30 countries. Personalities of the scientific world, including Nobel Awards in Medicine and Chemistry have also attended.(Prensa Latina)